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Black tea (fermented) and partly fermented tea, in immediate packings a content not exceeding 3 (6.61 lb.)  [375]
Crushed or ground  [1295]
C fee substitutes containing c fee  [12]
Other black tea (fermented) and other partly fermented tea.  [11]
Curry. Other spices:  [176]
Thyme; bay leaves.  [66]
Turmeric (curcuma)  [210]
Not decaffeinated  [15301]
Seeds anise or badian  [103]
Crushed or ground.  [8]
Saffron.  [15]
Pepper the genus Piper; dried or crushed or ground fruits the genus Capsicum (peppers) or the genus Pimenta (e.g., allspice): Pepper the genus Piper (black and white):  [2]
Ginger  [1477]
Seeds cumin  [307]
Nutmeg  [73]
Decaffeinated C fee, roasted:  [786]
Cardamoms.  [138]
Mace  [8]
Seeds fennel; juniper berries .  [215]
Neither crushed nor ground  [635]
Decaffeinated  [23]
Tea, whether or not flavored:  [4067]
Other  [3015]
Not decaffeinated  [662]
Vanilla beans  [245]
Seeds caraway  [35]
Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems).  [92]
Mate.  [1]
Neither crushed nor ground.  [101]
Seeds coriander  [39]
Mixtures referred to in note 1(b) to this chapter  [116]
Fruits the genus Capsicum (peppers) or the genus Pimenta (e.g., allspice), dried or crushed or ground  [1757]

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