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U.S. No. 3 tOther tPopcorn Other: Yellow dent corn:Other. tU.S. No. 2 tU.S. No. 4 tU.S. No. 1 t  [423]
Short grain. Long grain Medium grain Mixtures any the above Long grain Other, including mixtures. Other:Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed: Parboiled:  [13095]
Seed Other. tOats:  [205]
Canary seed.  [57]
Broken rice.  [271]
Rye t  [16]
Buckwheat.  [107]
White. tOther. tOther:Seed. Other:  [426]
Rice in the husk (paddy or rough).  [7]
Short grain. Long grain Husked (brown) rice:Basmati Other:Medium grain Mixtures any the above  [2911]
Seed. Durum wheat:Other t  [16]
Millet  [35]
Seed  [331]
Other Wild rice Other cereals:  [71]
Grain sorghum:Seed a kind used for sowing Other. t  [62]
For malting purposes t Other:Other tSeed. Barley:  [148]

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