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Other:Tomato paste. Other (including tomato puree).  [242]
Apricots  [34]
Other French fries. Potatoes:  [1331]
Pears.  [495]
Other Potato granules Potato chips. Potatoes:  [821]
Fruit, nuts, fruit-peel and other parts plants, preserved by sugar (drained, glace or crystallized)  [155]
Other litersNot concentrated, or having a degree concen- tration not more than 3.5 degrees (as determined before correction to the nearest 0.5 degree) litersPineapple juice:  [2481]
Grapefruit, excluding peel and pulp . Citrus fruit:Other  [5167]
Fruit juices (including grape must) and vegetable juices, not fortified with vitamins or minerals, unfermented and not containing added spirit, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter: Orange juice:  [5]
Mushrooms.  [4129]
Frozen. litersJuice any other single citrus fruit:Other. litersNot concentrated. liters Concentrated: Lemon juice:Other liters  [495]
Tomato juice liters  [16]
Peaches.  [1697]
Strawberries Other, including mixtures other than those subheading 2008.19:  [32]
Sweet corn (Zea mays var. saccharata).  [1819]
Other. Mixtures:Prepared cereal products  [2351]
Other vegetables and mixtures vegetables.  [9407]
Olives  [6255]
Other vegetables prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not frozen:  [5]
Asparagus.  [280]
Tomatoes, whole or in pieces  [1393]
Mixtures juices:Vegetable litersOther liters  [115]
Other. Other:Pastes and purees.  [4926]
Other liters  [182]
Other  [21]
Almonds. Other nuts or seeds Pistachios Mixtures two or more kinds nuts (including peanuts (ground-nuts)) and seeds. Other:Cashews. Macadamia nuts. Pignolia Other, including mixtures:Brazil nuts.  [836]
Grape juice (including grape must):Other. litersFrozen litersNot concentrated. liters Concentrated:  [1839]
Palm hearts  [665]
Cucumbers including gherkins  [1938]
Frozen. litersGrapefruit juice:Other liters  [33]
Citrus fruit:Pastes and purees Other.  [287]
Pineapples  [9247]
Other. Wild blueberries, canned. Other Other: Berries, other than strawberries:  [3737]
Frozen:In containers each holding less than .946 liter. litersIn containers each holding .946 liter or more but not more than 3.785 liters. litersIn containers more than 3.785 liters liters  [353]
Other.  [746]
Onions  [15]
Other. litersNot concentrated. litersApple juice: Concentrated:Frozen liters  [4121]
Peas (Pisum sativum) Beans (Vigna spp., (Phaseolus spp.)):  [215]
Truffles  [2]
Other Other:Beans, shelled: Black-eye cowpeas:Other Canned dried. Canned dried.  [182]
Peanuts:Peanuts, blanched. Other. Peanut butter.  [366]
Sauerkraut  [27]
Juice any other single fruit or vegetable liters  [10951]
Sweet varieties. Maraschino. Other:Tart varieties Cherries:  [244]

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