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Ammonium chloride.  [216]
Complex cyanides  [11]
Calcium chloride Other chlorides:  [124]
Aluminates  [171]
Artificial corundum, whether or not chemically defined  [10]
Other Other inorganic oxygen compounds nonmetals:  [870]
Peroxoborates (Perborates)  [236]
Polyphosphoric acids. tOther tLess than 65 percent available diphosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) equivalents. tOther. tPhosphoric acid and polyphosphoric acids: Phosphoric acids: Fertilizer grade:  [2326]
Other. silicon content Other:Containing by weight less than 99.99 percent but not less than 99 percent silicon silicon content  [506]
Other chromates and dichromates; peroxochromates  [36]
In aqueous solution (Soda lye or liquid soda) cnt  [238]
Phosphinates (hypophosphites) and phosphonates (phosphites) Phosphates:  [714]
Other.  [145]
nickel  [15]
Molybdenum oxides and hydroxides  [37]
Alkali or alkaline-earth metals; rare-earth metals, scandium and yttrium, whether or not intermixed or interalloyed; mercury: Alkali metals:  [33]
barium  [30]
Double or complex silicates.  [40]
tin.  [40]
Phosphorus  [184]
Argon Ths m3  [54]
Barium carbonate  [60]
Other (tungsten content). W Tungstates (Wolframates): ammonium (tungsten content). W  [1]
Hydrogen fluoride (Hydr luoric acid)  [169]
magnesium.  [241]
Other Polyphosphates:  [537]
Containing by weight not less than 99.99 percent silicon.  [397]
nickel  [78]
Zinc oxide; zinc peroxide  [376]
potassium  [10]
Other.  [56]
Lead monoxide (Litharge, massicot)  [8]
Manganese dioxide.  [154]
Other  [316]
Fulminates, cyanates and thiocyanates  [142]
Cerium compounds  [82]
Other  [156]
sodium  [8]
Sodium sulfides.  [48]
trisodium.  [132]
Sodium dichromate.  [22]
Germanium oxides and zirconium dioxide  [271]
Other XElements, isotopes and compounds with cobalt-60 radioactivity only. CurieOther elements, isotopes, and compounds milli- curiesRadioactive elements and isotopes and compounds other than those subheadings 284410, 284420 or 284430; alloys, dispersions (including cermets), ceramic products and mixtures containing these elements, isotopes or compounds; radioactive resi- dues:  [572]
aluminum  [56]
Commercial ammonium carbonate and other ammonium carbonates  [113]
Disodium sulfate:Other. Salt cake. t  [6]
zinc  [42]
Disodium carbonate  [179]
Sodium sulfites.  [753]
Other Bromides and bromide oxides:  [156]
Bromides sodium or potassium.  [84]
Peroxosulfates (Persulfates)  [279]
Other.  [106]
Solid  [927]
Commercial calcium hypochlorite and other calcium hypochlorites.  [84]
Selenium  [68]
Other. Uranium oxide. Uranium metal Uranium compounds:Natural uranium and its compounds; alloys, dispersions (including cermets), ceramic products and mixtures containing natural uranium or natural uranium compounds:Fluorides. Other  [52]
chromium  [4]
Calcium carbonate.  [816]
potassium.  [625]
Other Other sulfates:  [69]
Other salts inorganic acids or peroxoacids, excluding azides:  [5]
copper.copper content. Cu  [291]
Carbon (carbon blacks and other forms carbon not elsewhere specified or included):Carbon black Other.  [1740]
Molybdates (molybdenum content). Mo  [43]
Other.  [384]
Other  [483]
Other.  [398]
Chromium trioxide.  [198]
Aluminum oxide, other than artificial corundum .  [1724]
Helium Ths m3Other:Other. Ths m3  [633]
Sodium triphosphate (Sodium tripolyphosphate)  [555]
Other.  [8]
Other  [334]
Zinc sulfide  [68]
Aluminum hydroxide  [468]
Other compounds; amalgams.  [1]
Potassium carbonates  [89]
Bromine. Fluorine  [44]
barium  [397]
Other Alkaline-earth metals:  [74]
Carbon dioxide. t  [152]
Other sulfites  [41]
iron  [26]
Hydrogen peroxide, whether or not solidified with urea.  [116]
mono- or disodium.  [537]
Other  [10]
Sodium metasilicates.  [108]
Diphosphorus pentaoxide.  [65]
tungsten (tungsten content). W Other boron. Other:  [810]
Potassium dichromate  [5]
Sodium hexafluoroaluminate (Synthetic cryolite). t  [35]
Calcium  [253]
Chlorine  [133]
Other.  [89]
Other.  [192]
Sodium hydrogencarbonate (Sodium bicarbonate).  [62]
Chromates zinc or lead  [13]
Antimony oxides.  [288]
Sulfuric acid; oleum. t  [559]

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